Find Your Spark with Fireflies

Manage Your Stress for Balance Living

Learn practical and proven ways to manage your stress.  Add relaxation to your daily life, prevent stress from happening, cope with the stress that does happen, and build your resilience to recover faster and more positively.

We help you explore what works for you in your own daily life.  In bite-size pieces, you will be supported to choose your own personal goals and needs, see what might be getting in the way, and what you have available to help you make changes that you want to see. This online course includes your own space for self-paced activities, and a community space where you can work with others, and get support from Joy and her team, to guide you through. 

Science of Happiness for Mindful Living

Happiness is a science!  Positive psychology has shown us how and why our mood and attitudes can act against us or support us.  And much of this is in our own hands.  Learn the skills, explore your options, and build your happiness with this online course and community space. 

It is said that depression can arise from living in the past, anxiety from living in the future, and peace from living in the now. Mindfulness is not a relaxation exercise - that is included in the Manage Your Stress for Balanced Living course. Rather, mindfulness helps us focus on what is happening in the now, with greater clarity and acceptance. In this course, you can create your own model of happiness, develop mindful practice, understand the role of gratitude, and feel more fulfilled in the present moment. Give yourself the gift of NOW with this online course and community of happiness builders.