Consultancy & Project Management

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Development sessions with your team 

  • Creative monitoring and evaluation
  • Developing volunteer support services, working towards IiV awards
  • Service planning and design

Improving team wellbeing

  • Science of Happiness
  • Managing Stress for Balanced Living
  • Mindfulness for Creative Focus

Project management

  • Project design and impact planning
  • Funding and case for fundraising support
  • Evaluation, reporting, review and managing change 

Operational delivery in the fields of mental health and anti-stigma activities, participatory arts and appreciating the natural world, all ages

  • First Aid for Mental Health SQA/Ofqual Awards levels 4-6/1-3
  • PHS Mental Health First Aid course (currently paused by PHS)
  • Stress Management / Happiness / Mindfulness courses, workshops and community-level projects
  • Nature art, forest bathing, creative writing, image-based media, and story gathering for change

I'd be delighted to have an exploratory discussion on how we can work together and create innovative and unique solutions that support your work.  Please use the contact form here, or email directly.