Find Your Spark and share it too! First Aid for Mental Health Level 2 with additional Self Care and Confidence Building - Commissioned programme for online groups of 5 to 15 participants. Support your volunteers, staff and communities to become First Aiders for Mental Health with this recognised and regulated qualification. Learn the skills to support someone to get the help they might need. PLUS learn self care skills in this integrated commissioned package. The price quoted is for 5 participants. For 6 to 15 an additional cost of £49 per participant is applied to cover assessment, e-manual licence and certification, to a maximum of £979. See below for details.


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In this group programme, participants will learn and practice the first aid for mental health action plan, including appropriate supports to guide colleagues and friends towards, and self-help techniques to share. PLUS participants learn additional self care skills and build personal confidence, to support their own wellbeing.

Remote learning ensures that delegates can learn where they are, saving time and allowing for flexibility. It encourages networking and new links, and in addition supports core skills and confidence with video conferencing technology

The programme provides between 8 and 10 hours learning, over 1 to 3 weeks to suit your organisation's requirements:

  • 3 x live interactive sessions online, totalling 4 hours
  • Participation in an online community of learners for tutor-led live chat and activities, peer support and learning with your group
  • Self-paced learning of the programme materials with guided access to our comprehensive online resources
  • Individual confidential assessment for each participant, for the regulated RQF / SQA award

Successful learners will receive:

  • Regulated Ofqual / SQA Award Certificate
  • Recognition as First Aider for Mental Health
  • First Aider for Mental Health digital badge
  • E-Manual to keep for reference 
  • Self care resources to keep for personal use
  • Access to further support


We will plant a tree for every participant, helping you to offset your carbon footprint, and providing a gift for participants - a tree certificate in their name.

  • An exclusive package for this unique sector, this valuable and cost-effective commissioned programme is designed for you
  • Prices are based on number of participants, as the manual and certification costs per person are fixed by the accrediting body. However, the higher the number of participants, the lower the per person cost.
  • If you have 5 or more delegates in your own organisation or through partnership, there are potential savings of over 40%. A group package of remote learning builds from the fixed foundation cost of £485 for just 5 participants, up to £979 for the maximum of 15 participants - equivalent to just £65 pp (compared to £110 pp for the standard course booked individually)

To book a commissioned course for your volunteers or community members, purchase now at the basic price of £489 for 5 participants, to secure a priority booking. Dates to be agreed by mutual arrangement (currently this can be within around 3/4 weeks, or longer to suit your timescales).  

The balance due for the cost of any additional participants up to a maximum of 15 in the group, will be invoiced at the end of the programme, once final numbers are known. This means you are not being billed for people who have been unable to attend

  1. Book online now
  2. Confirmation will be emailed
  3. I will contact you to agree dates and process
  4. After the course, I will provide an outcome report for your own use